Resettlement Sites in Need of Further Preparedness as COVID-19 Cases Increase in Mozambique

Maputo — As the number of COVID-19 cases in Mozambique recently surpassed 250--with cases confirmed in all provinces—there is a continued alert for the spread of the disease in resettlement sites, which host over 100,000 people were displaced by 2019’s twin cyclones Idai and Kenneth.  

Ethiopian Survivors of Migrant Truck Tragedy on 24 March Return via IOM Assistance

Maputo/Addis Ababa – It was a tragedy that shook the African continent: remains of 64 migrants from Ethiopia found locked in a container at the back of a truck, discovered on 24 March near Tete, Mozambique after crossing over the Malawi-Mozambique border. 

One Year After Cyclone Kenneth, Northern Mozambique Faces Challenges Including COVID-19

Pemba – First the Cyclone, now the contagion. Northern Mozambique is reeling from nature’s blows over the past year.