In 1999, Congo was fraught with conflict and insecurity. Constant threats loomed over Carole’s family, prompting her parents to make the difficult decision to escape and find refuge. They journeyed through Zambia and South Africa, eventually reaching Mozambique six months later.  

"Leaving your homeland isn't easy, jumping from country to country. Yet, my parents instilled love and strength, urging me and my siblings to study for a better future."

As refugees in Mozambique, UNHCR supported Carole's higher education. Initially aspiring to be a doctor like her mother, resource constraints led her to International Relations. When Cyclone Idai struck in 2019, Carole and her family lived in Beira. "I empathized with families displaced by the cyclone, recalling my own experiences. Humanitarian organizations needed volunteers, and I joined the International Organization for Migration (IOM)."  

Subsequently, Carole was offered a full-time job with IOM Camp Coordination and Camp Management Programme in Cabo Delgado. "My journey guided me to humanitarian work, helping those affected as I once was. Starting a new life was challenging, but now I feel fulfilled, leveraging my experience to aid others." In Cabo Delgado, she has embraced the local culture, simultaneously sharing her own with colleagues, friends, and the communities she serves. Over two years, she has become proficient in two local languages of the province.

As a CCCM Outreach Assistant with IOM, Carol provides support to the displaced communities living in displacement sites. Photo: IOM 2023 / Maria Toro

“Honestly, I feel I am from everywhere. Congolese, obviously, where my main roots are. But every place I've been has added something valuable to my life. Now, as a mature woman, Mozambique is where I've truly lived—my husband, my children, my entire life is here.” 

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SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities
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