Cross-Border Cooperation: Senior officials from Mozambique and Tanzania meet in Maputo to discuss community safety and border security

Maputo 15.12.2022 – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is hosting a high-level workshop for border management officials from the Republic of Mozambique and the United Republic of Tanzania on 15 and 16 of December in Maputo, Mozambique. The two-day Cross-border Collaboration workshop is part of IOM’s project “Strengthening Community Engagement and Policing (CEP) and Integrated Border Management (IBM)” funded by the German Federal Foreign Office that aims to improve community safety and strengthen border security whilst contributing to peace and stability in the region.

Northern Mozambique - part of the 800 kilometers long border with neighboring Tanzania - has been facing insecurity due to the presence of Non-State Armed Groups (NSAGs) since 2017, resulting in nearly one million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and many more in need of humanitarian support. While Mozambique and Tanzania have had cordial relations for over 40 years, the current context has asked for strengthened cooperation on border management and community engagement.

The workshop in Maputo brought together nineteen senior and technical officials from border management agencies operationally accountable for Northern Mozambique (Cabo Delgado Province) and Southern Tanzania (Mtwara Region) border with the following expected outcomes:

  • Increased cooperation and information exchange between Mozambican and Tanzanian border management agencies.  
  • Improved knowledge and skills of border officials and law enforcers on Integrated Border Management, Community Engagement and Policing, Intelligence Led Policing (ILP).

Cooperation and collaboration between and among law enforcement agencies, with the support from donor countries through International Organizations notably, IOM will surely help in addressing the vices from the grass root level before they escalate countrywide” and added “The Tanzania Immigration Services Department acknowledges and recognizes IOMs effort in migration management ranging from equipment support and reintegration as well as capacity building to frontline officers” said Lenatus Mwambene – Migration Superintendent/United Republic of Tanzania.

Another key aspect of the workshop was gender, and specifically the role of women in border management. A capacity assessment conducted by IOM in May 2022, found that women are underrepresented in this field. The workshop session dedicated to gender facilitated dialogue and sought for ideas how the project can help strengthen women’s inclusion and participation in border management moving forward.

The outcomes of the workshop will pave way towards closer cross-border cooperation in a region facing a complex crisis and insecurity and shape future project activities such as the provision of specialized trainings for communities, border officers; and law enforcement officers, as well as equipment and infrastructure support to foster stability and peace in cross-border communities.

“Since 2021, we have dedicated efforts towards the successful implementation of this project through continuous dialogue. The history of cooperation between the two states has been fundamental and we can declare confidently to shaping a better future for those living in cross-border communities in Northern Mozambique” said Laura Tomm-Bonde – IOM Mozambique Chief of Mission.

The German Federal Foreign Office has been a key actor through IOM with the aim to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 by bridging the gap to attain inclusive institutions, strengthening the means of implementation and revitalize partnerships for sustainable development.

“With the aim of improving community security and enhancing border management, thereby contributing to peace and stability between the borders of Mozambique and Tanzania, Germany finances this IOM project with EUR 4.2 million.” Furthermore “under the leadership of the migration authorities of Mozambique and Tanzania, the joint project strengthened cooperation and bilateral discussion between the two authorities”, said Marcel Kohlsdorf – Third Secretary/Political Division of the German Embassy.

IOM operates through its head office in Maputo and sub-offices in Beira, Pemba and Nampula. By adopting a Humanitarian Development Peace Nexus (HDPN) approach for Northern Mozambique, IOM seeks to contribute to the achievement of the SDG while implementing the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM).  In 2022, IOM funding requirements amount to USD (US Dollars) 79.3 million to continue and scale up its HDPN approach in northern Mozambique.

For more information, please contact:

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SDG 16 - Peace Justice and Strong Institutions