This regional project supports the government to address mixed migration movements and implement the Migration Dialogue for Southern Africa (MIDSA) Regional Action Plan in four critical areas:

1) Facilitated regional dialogue through supporting the Government’s participation in MIDSA, the development and adoption of a national action plan on mixed migration and exchanges with key countries of destination and origin in SADC, among other through cross-border coordination meetings.

2) Capacity-building through multi-sectoral cascade trainings based on the regional IOM-UNHCR Mixed Migration Curriculum aims at improving the response and protection mechanisms for vulnerable migrants in mixed movements.

3) Assisted voluntary return and reintegration (AVRR) supports the return of vulnerable and stranded migrants unable to remain in the host country but facing barriers in returning home on their own. In many cases, AVRR provides a more humane and dignified solution to forced return. From 2014 to 2016, facilitated the return of 70 vulnerable migrants, many of whom were unaccompanied children.

4) Unaccompanied minors (UAM) are at the centre of activities aimed at improving coordination mechanisms for their assistance and facilitating cross-border dialogue with countries of origin and destination.