Strengthening Coordination to Respond to Trafficking in Persons (US Department of State Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons J/TIP)

This project aims to strengthen government and civil society efforts to coordinate anti-trafficking responses, protect victims of trafficking and prosecute traffickers. IOM assists the government towards combating human trafficking by building local capacity in two areas:

1) Governance and coordination of the trafficking response: Cooperating closely with the national counter-trafficking coordinator, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the project aims to increase  government capacity at the central and local levels to respond to human trafficking and protect victims, in particular through  developing a national referral mechanism, raising capacities to detect and prosecute trafficking related crimes, improving inter-agency coordination and strengthening cooperation with civil society.

2) Enhancing victim protection services: IOM provides direct assistance to victims of trafficking, while increasing the protection capacity of national government and NGO service providers through  the upgrading of shelters and targeted trainings for key protection staff.  Since the inception of the project until December 2016 IOM provided direct assistance to 16 victims of human trafficking, the majority of them minors.