IOM Country Strategy for Mozambique 2021–2023

Mozambique has been historically characterized by dynamic human mobility patterns that contribute to development, the economy and livelihoods of communities. However, the benefits of well-managed migration for development are yet to be maximized to their full potential through whole-of-government migration management approaches that promote safe, orderly and regular migration in Mozambique. 

IOM continues to work closely with the Government of Mozambique and various stakeholders on the multifaceted migration issues affecting the country. IOM is the Government of Mozambique’s key partner in continuously improving migration management and governance and safeguarding the dignity and protection of migrants and migration-affected communities.

The IOM Country Strategy for Mozambique lays out three strategic priorities: 1) Migration Governance, 2) Promoting Resilience and Durable Solutions, 3) Humanitarian Preparedness and Response. The strategy will serve as a blueprint for IOM’s programming in the country until 2023.

The strategy is based on IOM’s stance that migration is not a problem to be solved but a human reality to be managed, and if well managed, will be beneficial to countries of origin, transit, and destination, as well as the migrants and society as a whole.

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Date Publish: 
Thursday, July 29, 2021